Solarize NYC

The Opportunity

What Solarize NYC can do for your community

Save Money

Solarize typically reduces costs by 20%

Green Your Community

Solar power is clean, renewable energy

Jump Start Your Market

Growth continues after the campaign

Local Development

Prioritize installers who hire locally


Solarize NYC provides resources and assistance for communities to run solar group purchasing campaigns.
Expanding access to affordable solar power for all.

Solarize NYC is a core component of New York City’s strategy to expand access to clean, reliable, and affordable solar power for all New Yorkers. Through One City: Built to Last, the City of New York funded the NYC Solar Partnership to continue its work to reduce market barriers for solar, attract more solar energy companies to the city, and increase the city’s installed solar capacity.

In addition to supporting the City’s goal of installing 250 MW of solar capacity on private property by 2025, Solarize NYC’s mission is to reduce barriers for communities that have historically had limited access to solar by providing informational resources and offering discounted pricing. Further, Solarize NYC supports the local solar industry by stimulating demand for local installers and reducing customer acquisition costs by aggregating customers.

  • Financial Support

    from the City to organize and run a campaign

  • Marketing Materials

    and templates for outreach

  • Technical Assistance

    and volunteer training from Solar Ombudsmen

  • Connections to partners

    to assist you in running your campaign

NYC Solar Partnership

Formed in 2006, the NYC Solar Partnership consists of Sustainable CUNY of the City University of New York, the New York City Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, and the New York City Economic Development Corporation and supports the City's goal to install 250 MW of solar on private roofs by 2025.
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City University of New York

Sustainable CUNY
Sustainable CUNY, as an objective and trusted university, leads the NYC Solar Partnership. Sustainable CUNY founded the NYC Solar Partnership in 2006.
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Mayor’s Office of Sustainability

In 2014, the City committed to supporting this growth by setting a target of 250 megawatt (MW) for private sector solar capacity by 2025 and 100 MW for solar capacity in public buildings by 2025.
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New York City Economic Development Corporation

As a member of the NYC Solar Partnership with Sustainable CUNY and the Mayor’s Office, NYCEDC has helped solar energy in New York City grow by over 800% in the past five years, making solar a competitive renewable energy source.